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Decision Making

Training your fast, intuitive decision making.

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Time is our most precious and golden resource. 

Most decisions don’t need to take much time to make.

However, unfortunately, indecision paralysis can overwhelm us because we are not confident about the consequences of this decision.

Indecision can lead to lost time and opportunities and waste life resources.

In most cases, you can make decisions in 2 ways: use intuition (gut feeling) or rationally analyze. 

Each has its cons and pros. 

You have about an equal chance of making a good decision if you spend one minute as if you spend an hour once you have your intuition sharpened. 

But of course, it requires time to sharpen intuitive decision-making.

Rational decision-making consists of logical analysis and conclusions.

It can take us a few minutes to make a rational decision and days or weeks.

To master a fast and correct decision-making process, you need to combine logic and intuition.

In this guide, we will concentrate on an intuitive-based way of decision-making. 

It is based on subtle sensations and feelings, body reactions, and audial and visual pictures discovered during decision-making. 

When you make some decision or think about some information, your body responds in some way to it. 

It creates neurological feelings in your body.

Even when time passes, your body stores everything that happened in its memory. 

Suppose you will vividly try to remember your past decision or situation. 

In that case, you will immediately detect the exact feeling in your body. 

It is the feeling your body associated with past decisions. 

It can be pleasant or not… Exiting or awful… 

When you remind yourself about past decisions, you can even feel pain in some organ or the opposite: feel a positive energy flow. 

Your body is your barometer in intuitive decision-making. 

It is the detector of right and wrong decisions. 

These feelings can be not only in your physical body. 

It can be mental images that you start to see or audio memories or voices that can pop up in your mind when you think about some past or future decision.

Now you know the differences in memories of your body.

You understand how to interpret the feelings of past correct and incorrect decisions. 

This information can help you realize the difference between your future correct and incorrect decisions.

If you think deeply about your future decisions, your body will sense some neurological feelings. 

You can analyze these feelings and detect the probability of correctness or incorrectness of future decisions. 

This method will help you to listen to your intuition before taking action. 

The more often you do previous steps, the faster you detect and predict correct and incorrect decisions. 

To facilitate fast decisions, you can set a time limit for them. 

Suppose these are daily work decisions that don't require strategic thinking. In that case, you can minimize your fast decision process to a few minutes. 

Ideally, it can be 1 minute.

It is essential to turn off your logical mind for a moment and pay attention to the first feeling you detect when you listen to your 'gut'.

Most often, this first feeling can be correct. 

The time limit also helps to minimize thinking time to concentrate on your body's reactions and feelings.

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