Mindgifts is a self-growth platform and community for creators (designers, developers, programmers, marketers, engineers, indie-hackers) focused on action and change

Hi , I'm Alex Zozovsky 👋
Creator of MindGifts
Let me tell you why I am creating this project.
Who am I
I am Alex Zozovsky, computer scientist, web designer, writer, content creator, videomaker, entrepreneur, husband, self-development, and psychology nerd.
I have a mission to help as many people discover and unlock their inner possibilities of mind, body, soul, and support to live a fulfilled and happy life.
Over the 13 years of working on my one mind, body, soul, and character, I decided to share my knowledge and findings with other people to improve their lives.
The unique experience of:
  • Struggling
  • Changing religions
  • Searching for predestination
  • Reading around 920 books
  • Traveling in search of truth to mountains
  • Meditations
  • Winning in olympiads
  • Self-sabotaging myself
  • Launching startups
  • Failing and succeeding
  • Learning from dozen of mentors
Give me some perspective to help others get to their destinations more effortlessly and faster and not repeat my mistakes.
Why did I start MindGifts
How is MindGifts different
For whom is MindGifts
How to get started
What can you get from MindGifts

About Mindgifts
Leverage the power of your mind, character, and personality to elevate your lifestyle.  Precise step-by-step practical guides, challenges, and community to help you grow the possibilities of your mind, character, and personality

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