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Goals setting

Setting Goal In a Right Way And Preparing Your Mindset To Achieve It.

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You want to view your target before letting your arrow fly - Zen master. 

If you want to strike a target, you must first choose what you want to hit!

Without knowing your target goal, nothing will help you to get what you want.

It mainly can be beneficial to have a goal that makes something else possible in your life.

For example: don’t go to get a degree in university for the sake of just getting a degree. 

Instead, receive it to get the job you desire and become financially independent.

Most people don’t have goals and swim in the sea of life like a ship without a captain. 

Imagine you come into the airport and tell the ticket seller that you want a ticket to some beautiful place.

Don’t be surprised if the ticket he will sell to you will not bring you to your desired destination. Same with goals.

"Go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you'll be able to see farther." - J. P. Morgan. 

Set a target to search and find your essential goal where you want to go. If you don't have a big target, then select something tiny. Possible helpers to search your target:

  • a) read a book,
  • b) ask people,
  • c) ask a mentor or friend to help
  • d) think about what you were dreaming about when you were younger and had not done before

SMART stands for the following terms:

  • Specific: What do you want to accomplish, and what will you do to achieve this goal? Be clear with every part of your SMART goal.
  • Measurable: What data will you use for goal measuring? Making your goal measurable will help you track your progress.
  • Achievable: Is achieving this goal possible? Making your goal attainable ensures its success.
  • Relevant: Why is this goal important? Making sure your plan is applicable ensures it relates to your other broad or, rather, ultimate goals.
  • Time-bound: When does the goal need to be completed? Take into account the period you need to achieve your goal.

Let's take a general target goal and transform it into a SMART goal.

General goal: "I want to get more YouTube subscribers. "

SMART goal: "I want to get 1000 new subscribers in 2 months by posting one new video daily so more people will know about my service and will have the business of my dream."

This goal is Specific + Measurable + Achievable + Relevant + Time-bound.

Your target needs to pique your interest.

One that brightens your life and makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning because you know you're making daily progress toward something special.

If the target does not motivate you and resonate deeply, your journey can be tedious or destructive. 

Your goal can be hard to achieve.

Nevertheless, the results need to inspire you.

And your goal should be yours - not someone else's goal.

You have your life purpose and destinations. Be careful not to live someone else life...  

Most individuals are "wandering generalities, not significant specifics," - Zig Ziglar. 

  • They don't have a definite destination, which is the first reason. 
  • Second, even those who begin with a clear objective blow off course much too fast. 

Even a plane does not fly in a straight route. It may get into a storm. It might get into a tornado or be pushed off track by strong winds.

But as a captain, if you have a clear, precise destination and evaluate your objective and strategy for getting there. In that case, you will get back on course and finally arrive where you want.

Attention: Too many individuals will continue going in the wrong direction for the rest of their life if their jet blows off course.

It happens since they don't recall checking their goal, getting back on track, and continuing acting in the needed direction.  

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