Your Secret “Pocket Size Coach” Going to Help You Discover Hidden Gems About Yourself You Did Not Know...

A curious reporter once asked Albert Einstein to show his secret laboratory… 

To show him a place where a famous genius was working and experimenting. 

The reporter expected to see some underground room full of bulbs and strange tools… 

He even prepared his camera to be the first to capture a place where scientific history was made…

But he was amazed after Einstein showed him a simple notebook and a pen…

“These 2 things are my secret laboratory,” - said Einstein smiling, and added: 

“You were probably expecting something more complicated, but these tools helped me think and develop the theory of relativity.”

And Einstein was not alone...

In fact, Leonardo da Vinci, Bill Gates, Nicola Tesla, Mahatma Gandhi, and many other famous people and geniuses kept journals

Just think about it for a moment. 

If such great people were changing the world with their notebooks and pens...

What could you do with a proper journaling technique for your life?

Hi, I am Alex Zozovsky.


More than 7 years ago, I asked myself the same simple question:

What if I will intentionally keep journaling and use the same techniques and exercises used by the greatest? 

And what if this process could improve the quality of my life?

Before this realization, I was frustrated because reading dozens of self-help books did not help much. 

Still, my life was not as organized and going in the direction I wanted.

In fact, I was struggling in learning and with my performance

You see, some coaching helped me... 

But back then, I could not pay the coach all the time constantly.

Plus, there were questions I could not get answers to. 

Initially, I was really skeptical…

But having the intention to try anything that could potentially improve my situation, I started journaling.

I experimented with different journal formats, techniques and exercises.

After some consistent journaling, making mistakes, and finding what worked and did not, I put myself on a path to becoming a better independent thinker. 

A path of self-mastery and actual growth… 

I am sure you can agree with me that no one person can truly understand yourself better than you. 

No other person can 100% understand all your deepest needs and desires and be there for you 24/7. 

The problem is that most people don’t get access to their true inner wisdom. 

They don’t tap into the full potential that they already possess. 

They don’t unlock the treasure of knowledge of themselves. 

Not only this knowledge can’t be simply read in a book, but the process of self-discovery and improvement is a lifelong process…

And here is where journaling comes as a powerful tool and support in this process

And it took me years of learning how to journal consistently and establish correct journaling habits.

For clarity, I am not talking about keeping a usual diary.

I refer to a particular mindset and techniques for journaling that, if done correctly, will catapult your self-growth. 

This journaling method helped me to improve different aspects of my life where I struggled and was overwhelmed…

Other people saw my transformations and asked me how I did that.

Being an introvert, I was uncomfortable about opening up and telling what I do…

But then something clicked with me, and I decided to help others on the same journey of self-mastery…

So, I want to share My Thinking Journal Method training with you.

It will help you to become a better independent thinker and put you on a true path of self-mastery.

Journaling for better thinking regularly is like having...


A secret pocket-size coach that is always with you

Journaling habits will help you solve life problems and make better decisions.

It is possible thanks to the Thinking Journal Method.

It works because, during the journaling challenge, you will discover new ideas and perspectives from particular intelligent questions you will ask yourself daily.

Asking great questions can change a lot in your life…

As they say:

Smart people have good answers, and geniuses have great questions

The best thing is that the My Thinking Journal Method does not require you to spend much of your time.

All you need is at barely 5-10 minutes a day to make it work.

But I will say it like it is:  just buying the fanciest journal will not help you.

If you are not going to put in a small daily effort and implement what I teach you in this training, then this method probably will not work for you…

Here are some of the things this journaling method helps me to achieve personally:

  • Challenge my mindset to see what I do not see or not pay attention to
  • Get clarity about my goals and purpose instead of doing a lot of unimportant things
  • Increase daily productivity and concentration on what really matters
  • Face my most significant obstacles and detect blind spots that are stopping my progress
  • Increase my overall happiness by regularly writing things down and answering smart questions

Lessons in this guide are short, practical, pragmatic, and to the point.

It will help you to go from a complete journaling newbie to a confident journaller

Here are some of the things you will discover in a guide:

  • You will find out how to establish a journaling habit correctly.
  • Have a clear understanding of what journaling can do for you.
  • It will explain how to organize your journal and writing process.
  • Show you several methods of how to split your journal.
  • Explore principles behind My Thinking Journal Method.
  • You will find out what to write on your journal's front and back cover pages.
  • Decide for yourself what journal to use.
  • Find out the best time and environment to journal and what to do during this time.
  • Understand how much time you need to spend journaling.
  • Discover how to establish a Thinking Time Ritual by taking a one-month journaling challenge

Here is an important point…

Many people heard about the benefits of journaling. 

They started journaling without proper guidance, made their mistakes, and stopped journaling at all

That's why we're never able to discover its true power.

You can choose to do it on your own without a roadmap and figure out all nuances.

Or you can learn from someone who did the hard work for you and put it in an actionable guide.

The choice is yours.

I am confident that this guide will help you establish a journaling habit and become a better version of yourself.

See you inside.




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