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Three 80/20 mindset hacks for top productivity.

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Here's the crucial lesson: YOU WILL NOT BE REWARDED FOR JUST YOUR


Efforts are essential, of course, but people are considerably more concerned with how important and fulfilling your work is than with how long you spend at it.

No one will notice if you spend 50 years digging a trench in the Sahara desert. 

But, everyone will be watching if you spend those 50 years doing anything like planting

1000th of trees in low, unplanted, or burnt woods.

You'll almost certainly have an incomplete list until you get started and learn as you

go, but getting your "Focus-On" and "Not-To-Do" lists in place from the start may save

you have much time and work in the long run.

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Next time you will do something before rushing to start, stop for a moment and think about a different approach.

Make decisions on allocating time, resources, and effort to each activity based on the 80/20 principle. 

Think about these examples: 

● Spend 10 minutes brainstorming different ideas instead of 1 hour composing one perfect letter or a social media post you're not convinced is needed. 

Then dedicate 50 minutes to writing the post on the most excellent idea you got. 

Another example:

● Instead of struggling for 3 hours on a single room interior design, make six fast sketches (30 minutes each) and pick your favorite you want to implement. 

● Don't spend 3 months reading three random books in depth. 

Spend 1 day just looking through the 10 best books in a field of your interest. 

Then put just 15-30 minutes on each book - it is around 3-5 hours.

And then spend a month on each of the 3 best-selected books. 


We can’t do everything. 

Think about different commitments, events, and triggers in your life and look at them through an 80/20 prism. 

For example: 

  • Relationship. What relationships are most fulfilling in your life and give the most value? Try to minimize the rest.
  • Email subscriptions. Unsubscribe from email newsletters you don’t read or give low value.
  • App notifications. Disable everything that distracts you from your 20% of activities.
  • Events and meetings you are visiting. Eliminate social gatherings that don’t add to your 20%
  • Projects you are working on. Abandon not profitable or not promising projects.
  • Phone calls you have. Don’t try to please everyone by being 24/7 available on the phone. 

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