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Tricky Mindsets for Successful Goal Achievement .

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Below you can find a list of some factors that may contribute to a person's success.

Choose what you believe are the traits that all top achievers share from this list. 

1. Luck ... 

2. Family background 

3. Social achievement 

4. Basic intelligence 

5. Specialized knowledge 

6. Education advantage 

7. Good health 

8. Enthusiasm 

9. Winning personality 

10. Real determination 

The correct answer is not in this list... 

It turns out some people had everything from this list and had not succeeded.

Others had no winning personality or education advantage and still succeeded. 

So the correct answer is:

They all have the mindset to use whatever asset they have effectively!

Every successful person has overcome his drawbacks by using whatever time, energy, money, ideas, etc., he had. 

They knew it wasn't what you had that counted ... but how effectively you used it. Stop for a bit before looking at what to add to your life.

Instead, look at what superpower you already have that you are not using on 100%.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

- Winston Churchill.

If you put fleas in the opened jar, they will jump away. 

Now close the pot for some time. 

They will start beating their heads against the cover. 

You will see how they will stop jumping too high. 

After you open the jar, fleas will not jump from the pot anymore. 

They got accustomed to the height of a pot while it was closed. 

Now they are afraid to jump higher. 

It happens with people all the time too. 

Don’t become discouraged by temporary misfortunes. 

Don’t take them too close to your heart. 

You don’t want to be like frightened fleas. 

Don’t shrink your potential and greatness. 

Many people are afraid to set great goals after bad experiences. 

Remember that you have lots of chances to succeed until you continue to go to your dreams. 

And there is little chance for success if you stop.

Failure Type 1: well-defined objectives that a person doesn’t pursue effectively.

This individual has a clear idea of where he wants to go but never manages to get there.

This person's number one need is the proper knowledge and information to make the correct decisions.  

Failure Type 2: pushes aggressively and uses every resource available but has no clear objectives.

This man is like a powerful airplane... but without the ability to navigate.

He constantly appears to be making tremendous progress, yet he never arrives.

This person needs the right plan to pursue.

Failure Type 3: is the most depressing of the three. He has no clear objectives and uses ineffective actions. 

In summary, both well-defined objectives and effective actions are critical to coming to the desired destination.

If you tell your subconscious, "Someday, I want to experience this," it will follow your instruction. 

Your subconscious mind is quite literal, and it will take this as meaning that you don't desire these things right now but instead in the future. 

This kind of self-talk can lead to delaying your goal realization. 

Instead, try to live as your goal is already realizing in your life.

Note that feeling like the goal is "already realizing in your life" is not equal "it is realized." 

You are not fooling yourself. 

You make your subconscious comfortable in the process of your goal achievement. 

Try to keep your ambitious desires to yourself. 

Others may be discouraged by your decision to dream big and may not believe in you. 

If you are just started and are not yet confident on your path to a dream, this disbelief can disturb you.

The only exception is to open to those people who are influential supporters that can encourage you or help. 

Also, there is a psychological gratification people receive when talking about their plans and goals. 

It can discourage them from continuing execution. 

This block often happens because others can start to admire your goal. 

And you start having a feeling for it as the goal was already achieved.

It is a dangerous zone. 

In this way, your energy and determination for achieving can be wasted on a simple talk. 

Suppose you want to build your own business.

Ask yourself why do you want to achieve this goal? 

The more strong reasons you will have, the more likely you will get what you want. 

You can write reasons like: because you will have a good income, will be able to work anywhere you want in the world, enjoy great respect in your profession, and so on. 

The more reasons, the better. 

These reasons will fuel and energize you to achieve what you want: without strong why it is difficult to withstand the winds of difficulties and obstacles that will most likely appear. 

A famous actor Jim Carrey once said he had a goal to earn his first 1 million dollars. 

To do it, he wrote his goal on paper and reread it every day until he accomplished his plan. 

Most people forget their goals and what they want under the pressure of life. 

The most specific prevention is reminding yourself about it

Keep your eyes daily on the radar of your navigation and destinations.

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